I hope i speak for all those Priest fans out there, the tabs for songs by the Metal Gods on UG are pretty ace, praise to all those of you out there that have provided them for us. However, the new album is yet another great collection of songs, a masterpiece i believe it's one of their best yet. My problem is that i want to cover Pestilence and Plague with my band and there are no tabs for it. I'd like to learn it myself, and the guitarist in my band hasnt got the hang of playing by ear yet either. (Im the vocalist). Anyway, i would be eternally greatful if someone could tab this masterpiece of a song for me.

For those of you that havent heard it, buy the album! It's superb. The Italian chorus in Pestilence and Plague is epic.

Nella tentazione
Cercando la gloria
Il prezzo da pagare
E'la caduta dell'uomo
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