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Yup, own one...quality instrument. I got mine about 3 years ago (in white, as that was the only finish available - I have recently seen a black version) and I love it. Its a very 'airy' sounding guitar, with plenty of sustain, and the pickups are very well voiced as a pair. I was a bit dubious at first as there is no tone control, but you honestly don't need one, as the volume control really does the job by rolling back a few notches.

If you like the whole 'iPod' vibe, its a great looking guitar, extremely light too and so easy to play for long periods. Best £300 I ever spent, particularly as a second guitar to my Gibson Firebird V (opposite ends of the spectrum, I know!)
I am glad i finally got a response lol. I have heard a lot of people refer to it as an ipod and i know i am biased buy i really cant see it myself. just as well i think. I have a white one on order. £244. I wiont be getting till another two weeks though. Whats amps do you recommend work well with it. I am still only a novice in my opinion. Can play a few things well but really looking at practice amp level. Either a line 6 spider 3 or a marshall mg15dfx. Any of these good in your own opinion for the rgx a2?
The whole iPod thing is really down to the fact that it's high-gloss white and far more 'modern' looking than a traditional guitar. £244 is a good deal, as they tend to be around 250-275 atm.

As far as amps go, your options will vary considerably based on the type of music you like playing. If you do a search for either of those amps on this forum you will no doubt see A LOT of bad press, with most people recommending saving a little more and going for a valve-driven 5 watt+ amp. The reason being that you will quickly tire of the sterile nature of the sound. Personally, I really don't like the spiders, the MG I can stand in small doses, but if you are serious about playing I would suggest that you look a bit further afield. If you are just going to practice with this amp (i.e. no plans to play any live gigs) then you might want to consider something like the Line6 pocket pod, or even the JamVox as a higher priced option. They plug into your computer and allow you to model lots of very famous amp sounds depending on your mood.

With respect to the RGX-A2, obviously any amp is compatible, and 85-90% of your tone comes from the amp anyway so don't worry too much about it. Either way, you'll enjoy playing the Yamaha, I promise! Check out my suggestions and let me know if I can help you out any more.


http://www.guitarampkeyboard.com/en/73793 - PocketPod
http://www.guitarampkeyboard.com/en/77164 - JamVox