If you're a solo artist or in a band, when do you think is the most sensible time to get a Myspace page? Do you think it's necessary to get a Facebook page AND Purevolume, also?
How much do you want to put yourself out there?

Have you recorded anything?

Do you want to run a Myspace, Facebook, AND Purevolume?

Only make ones your willing to update with every update you put on one. (eg; If you update your Myspace you better be willing to update that Facebook)

How much advertising do you want to do?


Answer those questions.
Wait until you have some rough demos at least. Then people will actually care about your page and take a listen.
right away
then if your music ever comes up in conversation, you can tell them "hey i have some stuff you can check out on my space."

maybe not facebook, since its not really centered around music like myspace and purevolume are.

EDIT: listen to the guy above me, too. i assumed you had some stuff recorded, but if you don't then it would be pointless to create any such page.
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Wait wasn't there that issue with facebook, technically in their Terms of Conditions 'own' all the content you upload or something? (They might've changed that in their latest terms, i'm not sure)

I'd use myspace to post content for general promotion. Purevolume and lastfm are other good ones. I'd use facebook to invite people to gigs and to organize events and stuff, and link all my songs to my myspace page.
Never make a myspace page for you music unless you have some sort of recordings up...

Nothing is more off-putting for me in terms of local bands/artists if I hear from others that they're good, but then they don't even have songs that I can listen to. I'm not going to pay money to go to one of their shows to hear them for the first time...would you?
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I say wait till you have things polished nicely before you set up a myspace. You only get one chance to make a first impression, if someone isn't impressed by your music the first time they hear it, they aren't going to take the time to listen to it again when word of mouth does get around.

Once I'm convinced that "band x" isn't worth my time (and a first impression is alll it takes to convince the average listener), I'm not going to look further into them if they're mentioned in the future.

As musicians we might hear a crappy band and think of thier potential, or see a musicless myspace for a group in our area and anxiously await some new content from them. I don't think most listners work this way at all.
get one when u get to playing gigs and have some recordings done even if they r rough. u can get ur sound out there to ppl and fans will kno when they can see u. u might as well have a myspace, pv, and fb because ppl like all three and itll only take a couple minutes of ur time. plus, when ur looking for more gigs or maybe even a producer, ppl can see ur page and want to see if they can book u. i kno a couple producers and a new indie label who wants any unsigned band to send in a demo to see if theyre interested. go for it man. ASAP
Get a nice layout and some decent recordings. If you're gonna do it, do it right. Nothing gets a person to close a band's myspace faster then a default layout with no songs.
Set up a myspace as soon as, but dont add any people until you have a recorded track, then as soon as you do you can send the link to people and get adding. That way people won't just have you sitting on their friend lists because they will have listened to the track when you added them.
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I figured posting this here would be better than making a new topic:
What do you guys think of the myspace? I'm waiting for the guys to copyright their original (which they recently had professionally recorded). Once they do, i'm putting at least that up, plus maybe 2 covers they did. So i'm mainly asking what you think of the layout/color scheme.
EDIT: It helps to give a link XD
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