I've transcribed a song into GP5, but I'm have a couple problems.

First, I have alternate endings. I see how to add alternate endings, but not to span multiple bars. I already got all the notes in the bars, but I can't get the alternate endings to cover the 5 bars that should be covered.

Second, how do I "end" the song so that there aren't extra bar lines after the end of my song?

Also, I have a coda and I'd like it printed with a break between the last alternate ending and the coda. Just a space of maybe an inch or so without any bar lines. Is that possible?

Finally, I've added the chords over the notes using the "text" feature. It looks fine, but obviously won't play. Do I have to add a second instrument track and then enter in all the chords and the strumming rhythm and such? That seems like a lot of work.