So I really need a new guitar, I currently have a squier bullet. Im happy with it, but its really not great, it was good for when I started playing, now its just getting annoying. Im looking for something with good sound, with a low price tag. I prefer playing hard rock/harcore/metal or anything close to it. For example coheed and Cambria. Any suggestions? (no squiers please )
well if you love coheed as much as me, i suggest an explorer. ive played a few and they are awesome. i have a les paul that i absolutely adore. im pretty sure you can get an epiphone explorer or les paul for about 400ish im not sure. but somewhere around there. less if you get it used on ebay.
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Budget please!

Look at Agile guitars.
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If you really love coheed check out the minarik medusa, http://www.minarikguitars.com/products.guitars.php?guitarId=10&guitarSeries=2&guitarcolorId=42
claudio sometimes uses it live, its about 700quid tho
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For a really low price to to a pawn shop and try out some low end Ibanez and Schecters. Great playability and great prices.
id go schecter for sound but i dont know your budget so...they have a variety of price ranges. im sure youd be able to afford one that you like
Used Jackson Guitar.Ive seen them for under $300 on craigslist, and they keep coming up.
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Used Jackson Guitar.Ive seen them for under $300 on craigslist, and they keep coming up.

What amp you got?
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I looked at the schecter c-1, sweet sound and design and its not expensive at all
ESP M-400, liked the sound but I kinda like the c-1's a little better.
That Minarik medusa is sweet lol but it expensive and probably hard to find

Oh, and what the cheapest schecter guitar with good sound

Edit: I got a ****ty amp, fender 15r, planning on getting a better one. But i play alot at by friends house and hes got a massive orange tube amp and he has the sickest effects so i dont really need one.
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