My band is playing enter sandman at our school talent show. We thought it was a good pick. We don't want to play one of our songs that nobody cares or has ever heard about and we felt people know metallica(God i hope so). That said, anybody have any advice or input or anything they would like to tell us?
Make sure the sound guy doens't fvck you over.

edit: make sure you can all hear eachother, and make sure that you let him know what you need when it comes to your sound.

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be an ass when it comes to sound, if you're not happy with it

other than that, feel the music and go fvuckin mental!

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Don't play enter sandman
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Don't play enter sandman

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Don't play enter sandman

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Don't ask the pit for advice would be my only advice.......
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Don't turn the mic down, i hate those covers where you can't hear what the guy's singing
Don't fuck Up


Other than that, just have some fun.

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Make sure your sound is where it needs to be and dont be nervous. just relax and have fun with it. Also dont just stay there all stiff. walk around if possible. My band and I are also doing the talent show. We are doing Technical Difficulties, Killing in the Name of, and Welcome to Buckethead Land
don't play it in Eb, i've seen a cover and only Metallica can their **** in Eb and sound cool.
But yeah, go for it, I did it back in like 8th grade and everyone loved it.
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get those amps everyone talks about that go to 11

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Make sure the sound guy doens't fvck you over.

edit: make sure you can all hear eachother, and make sure that you let him know what you need when it comes to your sound.

my schools sound guy screwed us over... twice :|
play "semi-charmed kinda like" it sounds pop-y and people will know it....but its a really vulgar sound so if anyone questions your baddass-ness you can show them the lyrics
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Don't ask the pit for advice would be my only advice.......

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That should be a good song to do. I'd go with that. Practice, practice, and tune those instruments!!!
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I'm doing a talent show also just have fun and just don't care what they think. I mean I doubt anyone is gonna recognise my set.
2.Nightmare before Christmas
3.Devil's Toybox (one of my songs)
im gettin a band together to play this song as well for my schools talent show, and if all goes as planned we should be having our first practice today. i thought itd be a good song cause nearly everyone knows it, and the solo sounds ridiculous to non-guitar players, and is really impressive, even though its really easy

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Instead of playing Enter Sandman, play Master of Puppets. Everyone will know that song from Guitar Hero. Basically, just play a song from Guitar Hero.
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get those amps everyone talks about that go to 11

so what my uncles goes to 12
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Don't play enter sandman


Sandman is very mainstream. It's everywhere, Everyone knows it. Everyone's heard it. I'm sure you guys could pick something else that alot of people might know, That isn't like Sandman. <--coming from a Metallica Fan.

Play Simple Man. <--Need a serious singer. And you just can't go wrong with some Skynyrd, Even if people haven't heard it.

Or play something from the minds of you guys.