Anyone got one of these beasts? I put a deposit down on one yesterday and cant wait until i have it, i love it! Juts wondered if anyone else has one and anything i should know about it-dont worry i have tried it out so i am not just buying it on a whim or anything.
Bass....How low can you go?????
I'm getting a blue sparkle version- the guy at the shop i'm getting it from actually ordered a gold sparkle one but they sent a blue one instead but even he said he was glad they did...i cant wait-it will be mine just over a month...I will post pics when i get it
Bass....How low can you go?????

That one? I like it. Let us know what it's like when you get it. If I'm not mistaken you'll be the first person on the bass forum with an Italia.
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Nah its a different kind of blue-its darker and has a sparkle kind of effect to it-i'll have a look to see if i can find a picture of it for you all
Bass....How low can you go?????