Well, I don't know the original version of it but it sounds pretty cool...

I like it...
great song. you did it justice i would say, only a few things i notice: your singing is right on key and everything, and i know he whisper-sings a lot, but maybe on the parts with more infliction, you could voice the notes a bit more? also, the scrapes on the strings when you strum are a bit too prominent in my opinion. since he actually finger picks the notes in the majority of the verse, perhaps you could follow that pattern a bit. other than that this definitely a good version. well done. check out my version of "hurt" if you have time (profile)!

p.s. you sound nervous at the beginning when you start to play. relax! you played off the few mistakes well though
Finally someone with a decent voice in the covers! Your guitar was pretty good, could use a little more practice. Your vox, for the most part, were pretty good. You got a little off a few times, but practice could easily solve that. I noticed your singing sounds better when you sing stronger, so do that more. Thank you very much. After a lot of the crappy covers I listened to, this was a breath of fresh air .
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