I saw a squier chambered tele on craigslist yesterday for 75 dollars. I emailed the guy straight away because I really wanted that guitar. But a thousand other people emailed him as well and he sold it within 30 minutes of posting. I tried to get the winner's email address from him, but he didn't want to give it out.

Now here's my problem. I really like that guitar, but I have only been able to find one for 950 dollars. The original asking price was 250. Ebay has nothing right now either. Are there any guitars being produced right now that have similar qualities to this squier? I want a tele shape with les paul electronics. No pickguards. preferably red or brown stain. Bonus points if it has a bound and blocked fingerboard.

Oh wow... MAN i want it!!
I've never seen such a great looking tele. Model number?
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Custom build?
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I'm not going to have it custom built. If I didn't want to pay 900 for it, why would I want to pay for a custom?
Because you don't like your money?

Nice guitar though, good luck finding that again.
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I'm sure you could get someone in Building and Customing to build one for you for around 500 bucks.

As for finding that one, good luck. Its beautiful.
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looks like a custom to me, but i would keep your eyes open for another.
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Yeah, that's the closest I could find too.
I don't think there's anything being made right now that matches what I'm looking for.
Nicest tele i've ever seen. The FMT doesn't compare in terms of appearance, IMO. I don't you'll find another one for anywhere near $75, cause it seems really rare.