When playing stuff like Crazy Train here.
B ---------------------------------------------------------------------
G -------------------------------------------------------------------------
D |-------------------------------------------------
A |----------4-------5-------4-------2--------------
E |-----22-------2-------2-------2-------5---4---5--

I am having a problem with my fingers moving when they are not supposed to. Leaving my finger on the second fret while putting my pinky to five gives me a problem. My index finger does not move at all when my ring finger is on four. But when I have to hit the fifth fret with my pinky, my index finger always slides down to the third fret.

Is there any exercises or something that could help prevent this or teach my fingers to stay?

Note: Sorry if this is a bit hard to understand, I tried to make it as easy to understand as I could.
It's got nothing to do with strength, you simply can't play the riff yet. However, you're trying to play it at full speed which means you keep screwing up.

Slow down, actually learn HOW to play the riff first then worry about getting faster.
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tht tab is wrong
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Both of the people above me are correct.

Also when posting a tab post it like this:

[code ]
tab goes here (eg (no spaces in the [ code ] tags)

[/code ]

Slow down, play it at half speed, get used to the finger movement, practice keeping your index finder fretted on 2, play that [b]cleanly[/b] then go a little faster, then a little faster, until you can play it [b]cleanly[/b] at full speed.

It's not finger strength you have a problem with, it's finger control it seems like.
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Ok thanks everyone. Sorry about the tab format code thing.
I'll will definitly try your recommendation Invokke
Try doing some exercises to get your fingers more independent.


Once you get to the top move the whole thing over one fret (2-3-4-5) and keep going up and down the neck. With this, crazy train, and anything else you learn make sure you start as slow as you need to play it cleanly, then work your way up to full speed. Also, try searching for a tab for "Steve Vai's 10-Hour Workout." Its full of exercises like this that make your fingers get more comfortable with awkward movements. Good luck!