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Besides watching tv, being on this website....etc. I need some ideas cos I am getting bored... this cold chicago weather isnt helping either.
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I've been here nearly 4 years now. I get no respect.

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Respect in the pit?


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I practice on my origami during the weekends. There's a big competition coming up you know, you don't want to "fold" under the pressure. Hehe, sorry a little origami joke there. You'd know if you did any origami.
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I go out with mates. see my girlfriend, go clubbing/parties, shopping, work(well i would if i could find a job), sleep... yes lots of sleep
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Anyone agree there or am i on my own?
Drink beer.
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Waste most of my time by hanging around the back of a train station or in a field.

I have productive weekends.
I work most weekend nights. Saturday i usually go out with friends for the day. Sundau I visit my Mom.
Band practice, play guitar and sleep like a log to catch up on all the sleep I miss during the week.
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My Friday's are usually pretty stale. I live with my brother and he works till midnight then so... I usually play some xbox and guitar, maybe see a few friends.

Every Saturday night we have a party where I usually drink myself stupid.

I wake up still drunk the next morning on Sunday and go to band practice.

Pretty good schedule.
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With me and my friends its the following:

Either play gigs, attend local gigs, pay a visit to the pub, go clubbing (thursdays), band practice, or just chill with some green up in the countryside where a couple of my mates live.

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football, guitar, laze around, wallow in self pity for a while, snooker

odd times
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This man is right.

My life in all aspects is going fucking brilliantly, so I just thought I'd offer a cyncial scrap of wisdom, gloat a little, and then leave.
I was going to make this thread the other night but cba

but I usually do **** all.. the odd weekend I might get invited to a party or to a friends house etc., but doesnt usually happen..
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attempt to get laid

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I go to Guitar Center if I can, practice with my band, play guitar (I do that every day anyway,) or just sit around.
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Play guitar, homework, cleaning my rabbits hutch, watch all-Ireland talent show play in my bands, go and look in guitar shops. It goes on.
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Praise the Lord


good one.

Personally I laze around and try and gather the strength to do my college work. I play a lot of guitar aswell and post on here a lot ... i'm so awesome.

I used to go to band practice but then my band ended so I use boredom to fill that gap ...
go to the gym/go swimming or just generally work out, go for a drive out to the country or wherever i can be bothered, drink, do some college work, hang out with my mates, go to town, go on my PS3, play guitar... you know, the usual stuff.
I play guitar, watch TV, and sleep. Not very exciting at all.
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Video games
Hanging out with friends
Hanging out with girlfriend
Urban exploration
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I used to go out and be sociable, now i just sit down alot

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Friday night and Sunday: Work out, spend time on the computer, practice various interests of mine, eat with the fam, watch TV, read and sleep.

Saturday: eat unhealthy foods, sit around listening to music, drink beer and bourbon and sometimes go to a bar/pub with friends. Apparently I also troll here on UG before I sleep.
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Sleep late, watch football. Saturdays are pretty much 5 matches in a row if I'm lucky. 3 from PL and then 2 spanish games in the night. Otherwise I try to go out for a few beers with some mates.
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I chain smoke.
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Just go into town and blaze if nothings going during the day. At night we either blaze if we have somewhere to go or go to the pub if not.
Work>Play guitar>Get drunk>Sleep>Recover>Eat sunday dinner>Chill

Thats my weekend summed up.
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