Hi there, I've recently purchased my first bass guitar and am unsure of which amp to purchase (I would have purchased them both at once but money was a factor).

It will be being used with a Peavey Millenium, and mostly used for rock and metal, but I'm planning to learn some jazz,and funkier styles, eg slapping and popping, so it would need to be versatile. It will be used for bedroom practice,and preferably cost less than £150. I've looked at the FAQ and have narrowed it down to a couple of options.

The Laney RB2,or the Orange Crush 20b. The Laney has a built in compressor and limiter,but the Orange has built in distortion. Both have received many good reviews on various sites. Trying them out is a problem, as there are no music shops with good stock nearby. If any you can think recommend one which I have not mentioned,please do so,I'm more than happy to take suggestions.

Thanks in advance
On a low budget, always check the used market. You'll usually be able to get a much better amp for your money.

That said, even for under £150, you should still be able to get better amps than those two new. Looking at GAK's website, the Peavey MAX 115 and Ibanez SW65 seem like the best options, though they're near the top of your budget.


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Onboard compreeion especially on combos is **** , so i wouldnt say thats a plus factor. The orange is nice though. But if you willing to purchase off ebay, just keep searching, brands like, ashdown, hartke, peavey, orange, some bigger hiwatt combos are nice enough, with the graphic eq's.
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Well both of those would be good, but don't expect the built in effects to be anything special. The best thing to do is see if you can try both out
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