Getting a new tube amp within the next week. I've had my eyes on a Blues Jr for a long time (done lots of research), my only problem is that my band does tend to play a bunch of harder rock/classic rock, along with a lot of bluesy stuff. I'm wondering if this amp and a distortion pedal will be a good idea, or if i should consider something else like a peavey classic? I have an epi LP custom with jb/jazz. If there is another amp similar to these that would be better feel free, im keeping my options open. oh, and budget is preferably under 600, even more preferably under 5 (used is not a problem for me).
the blues junior has AMAZING cleans, some of the best i've had, especially if you change the speaker (though it sounds amazing stock too). the overdrive is really great and warm for blues and lighter classic rock. anything heavier than led zeppelin or tom petty tho, you're gonna need a pedal. i have a TS-9 tubescreamer that works really great with it, although it can't get heavy enough for metal. a good versetile overdrive/distortion is the boss OS2, which i used to own. check it out.
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The BJr is one of the sweetest amp I've owned. Takes pedals so well.

The amp is 15 watts though so I don't know how it'll fly in the band without miking it.
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So the fender should be able to handle the tonal requirements i have for it? as long as a pedal can push the disortion i need for harder rock without blowing the tone then that is more than enough for me.

and im not too worried about the wattage, ive heard its pretty loud and we dont play any big venues or anything like that, so it should be plenty enough to cut through the drums and other guitar (unless im dead wrong, let me know).
Its a beautiful amp, I almost always play clean and it never disappoints. As for heavier stuff, its not ideal but I think it could handle classic rock tones nicely. Try it with a pedal to make sure itll do what you want it too and while your there see if they have a NOS tweed blues jr there too. They come with a jensen speaker and sound quite different from the tolex blues jr so test em back to back to see what you prefer.
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