I'm a very good guitarist. But when it comes to doing solos, the strings dont sound like they ring long enough. Ive been working on "Welcome Home" but in the solo sometimes my notes in the solo can get kind of choppy ( my finger holding a fret on a different string accidentally is touching the bottom or top string). Does anyone have any tips on it? And my brother wants my to learn how to sweep pick so I can play some Lamb of God with him, but I have absolutly no idea how to sweep pick. Tips?
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Slow down, until you don't make mistakes. Then after you've corrected those mistakes, speed up. A metronome will help.
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I'm a very good guitarist.

Then, when you're with your brother, play what you are very good at. That would be your short-term answer.

Longer term, learn how to practice. Then you'll be able to fix all the things you apparently aren't so good at and learn sweeping. There's a lot of things that just can't be done over night.
First, don't open a thread with arrogance, no one will help you.

Second, you know the problem, so practise and fix it.

Third, I'm sure there is info on this site about sweeping.
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