you can try charity concerts, like at village halls, or talent shows, maybe church? do your parents own anything like a restaurant? try local things like that, maybe large events, like disco's
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school gigs?
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Alot of young bands play at a local library every now and then
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Just get some friends that are in bands, doesn't matter what genre. If they are playing out, they should be able to help you get on your feet. Local venues are easy to get a hold of, renting out for your own shows will take some cash though. So just try to hop on some local shows by calling the venue.
All the shows I've ever played with a band have been in fire halls/community buildings/rec centers that were rented out for a night to have the show. Also look into house/basement shows. They're tons of fun. Also, look into clubs in your area (or areas you'd be willing to travel to) that do all ages shows.

Depending on the type of music you play, you could get shows at restaurants that do live music.
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If you know a local band that plays bars and clubs get friendly with them. They probolly play at a couple of places more than once a month and they are probolly cool with the owner and they will be able to get you in.