Hey guys, which would be better for me to sell my MG at?

Let me just describe my local shop. They have quite a lot of guitars, but don't have many NEW amps. They have a Crate v18 and a bunch of old solid state Fenders and crates. It seems like they would need some new amps.

Now lets compare. I can probably sell my MG for around $400 - $500 on eBay, but it would take longer to sell it and I would have to talk things out with the buyer. The local shop will take it right away, but I am not sure how much money they would give me for it.

Which one do you think would be better to sell my amp to? I am still waiting to get rid of that dreaded MG half stack.
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why not just call up the shop and ask? describe it to them - condition, price new and so on
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You'll get maybe 2-300 bucks from a shop, at most. On Ebay you might get 400. I'd put it up on craiglist.
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DO NOT call the local shop at which you intend to (maybe) sell your amp, call another to get an estimate, first reason: if you would try to haggle some more cash out of it, the guy, knowing you were interested beceause he gave you numbers on the phone will not be prone to highen his sum.

Second reason: if the estimate you were given hands you a point to haggle (the other offered more) well you'd have hell of an argument, assuming you would not be as dumb as basically saying ''well I can go somewhere else and get more'' cause he'll probably tell you to get the **** out, try to be subtle. The more you seem to know your equipment, the less ways he'll have to rip you off.
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Most local shops just go on eBay then offer you less than what they're going for on there.
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I have had so much better luck on craigs list. Ebay does work usually, but i'd try to sell it on craigs list first, its free to.
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Agreed with craigslist, try there first.
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sell through your local shop on consignment/commission. best of both worlds (well, kinda ). you don't have the hassle of ebay, and you don't get completely gipped with a trade-in price, either. only problem being, you have to wait for someone to actually buy it.
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I will go with Craigslist then.

Before I made this thread I called the shop that had the amp I wanted, and they didn't accept solid state amps.

I will try craigslist.
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