It's hard to say with the info you've provided....
Are you trying to wire a battery to that circuit board mount connector?
Do you know if it's really mono (2 conductor) or stereo (three conductor)?
Do you have a multimeter and a plug that fits into this?
Is there a part number on the components? If so post it and I'll try to get you some data on the part.
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sorry for the lack of info...

here is a link to the actual part I have:


the radioshack part number is 274-1565.

A couple of weeks ago I built a small 1 watt guitar amp. It uses a 9v battery for power but I wanted to add the option to also hook it up to a 9v power supply (i dont wanna spend a fortune on batteries)..

I hooked it up and it worked when I plugged my DC brick into it, but it was very very noisy. to the point where it is too annoying to use. the noise is completely gone with the 9v battery.

I figure maybe I hooked it up wrong hence I came here to ask for help. I basically wired the side prong to ground and the bottom one of the other ones to the +. Also I have not yet soldered the wires since I wanna make sure its right first. CAn the unsoldered wires be causing this?

if you need any more info let me know. THANKS!
The one closest to the hole is negative. The one that's at a 90 degree angle to the other two is the throw of an internal switch (the negative is the pole). The one furthest from the hole is positive.

The internal switch is wired to break the positive lead of the battery.
thanks guys i guess i had i wired correctly, itsjust noisy as hell.

are dc bricks know to be noisy? Ive always used it with my pedals and nver had this problem.
Your pedals would have additional DC filtering in them probably since they expect to be powered by wall wart supplies at times. You might try a 1000 UFD EL Capacitor (16VDC min) and a 0.01UFD Capacitor in parallel to the +/- leads to add some filtering for AC ripple which it sounds like you're experincing from the supply.
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what do you mean when you say the capacitor should be min 16vdc? will it work if im only using 9v power?

The 16VDC is the maximum voltage rating meaning it will withstand 16vdc before blowing up. If you put a capacitor in parallel to a dc voltage it must withstand the potential across it's terminals. The small value cap 0.01ufd is not a problem as they're typically rated for 50 volts or more.
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