As the title states, I have my blackheart little giant 5 watt tube head unit for sale. I just bought a jcm 900 and I already have a twin reverb so I really have no use for this guy. The head is barely a month or 2 old, and is in awesome condition. I installed the bitmo mod to the amp and it sounds AWESOME! So many different tones can be had with it. Also, I upgraded the tubes on the amp to a JJ EL84 power tube and gold pin ECC83 preamp tube, which smoothed everything out and gave it a bit more gain. The bitmo mod was $36 and the tubes were about $35 as well, not including workmanship to put the mod in. I am asking 200 shipped OBO (I know this is what they go for new, but this thing is basically new plus mods). Dont be afraid to submit me offers though, you never know eh! Pics are below, my email is kevinshahrpass@gmail.com (I will respond to this faster than anything else.) The amp will ship in original box and I will include everything I got from the mod kit and the stock tubes.