I'm fairly new to the UG fourms, and there great.I',m a pretty much self taugh guitarist, but my dad has been playing for about 30 years, so he helps me every now and then.I've ogt a Youtube account, And I like to make videos and post them up to see what people think.Usually, I get flamed by people saying I suck and I am not deserving of my flying v and that I Should Die. Real helpful. I was wondering if some of the people here could watch a few of my guitar vids and give some constructive critism so I can focus on certain things I need to improve on. Here is a Link to my chanel. keep in mind ive only been playing for about 7 months. http://www.youtube.com/user/Burnboy85 either comment on the Youtube Video or comment here.I'll also answer any questions if you have any, I'm always checking my Youtube accuont.
well your picking technique is wrong, you're going to have to change that

crazy train was quite good though
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Just work on that picking technique. You don't have to just strum downwards. There are lessons on this site to help you with that.
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Change you picking technique. And also practice exercises... alot! They will make your playing fluent. That's what you are lacking consistency and volume control. You need to practice at a really slow speed and gradually speed up. Also learn your scales.
Quote by burnboy85
.I',m a pretty much self taugh guitarist, but my dad has been playing for about 30 years

Its like looking into a mirror.

You're further along than I was at 7 months. I've been playing 3 years and I'm finally becoming pretty good. Practice and discipline will get you there.

My only other advice is try to take some songs and learn them by ear. This will help you develop your own style of playing that is unique instead of trying to play everything "note for note" It builds a certain character in your playing that becomes bigger and lasts throughout your playing career.

Also good to see you're writing riffs this early. You're on your way
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Your version of Stairway is terrible: you need to hold the chord shapes down so the notes ring together. You also need to learn more about timing and alternate picking.

For god's sake, don't post lesson videos; you are not good enough to be teaching.

Edit: Fretting hand pinky needs work as well; you shouldn't have to stretch to play the intro to Crazy Train.
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