Hello everybody,

I have a question when it comes to playing chords on bass. I know basic chord construction and i was wondering if it is necassary to play all the the notes in a chord. FOr example a Maj7 chord would be 1, 3, 5, 7, do i need to play all these or can i extract a note like the 5th or what? and i was also wondering if anyone had some good lessons on bass chords anywhere on the net, i cant seem to find any..

thanks for the help and have a happy sunday
I usually skip the 5th whenever there are 4 or more notes in the chord. It's easier to play and makes it a bit less muddy.
Perfect fifths can almost always be omitted from a chord, since its so consonant with the root, and will make upper extensions sound muddy.

Generally other notes need to be kept to retain the sound, but if other instruments are playing those notes, you can exclude them.
when playing a 7th its quite common to omit the 5th and sometimes the 3rd as well
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As far as I understand, everything thats been said is correct; perfect 4ths or 5ths can often be omitted, as can thirds if another 'defining' note is included in the chord. By this I mean that in a Major 6th or 7th, the 3rd can be omitted as the 6th/7th will define whether the chord is maj/min, rather than the 3rd doing so as is usually the case...
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There's a 5 dollar book in guitar center called "Chord Bassics" that is great. It's got like 500 bass chords in it. Mostly though, I find myself just playing power chords. Trying to do much more than that makes the type of music we play sound... blah.
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