Alright people, I've been playing guitar for about a year now, and I think it's time for an upgrade. I currently have Behringer GPK836 MetAlien (and I've been using a Line 6 Spider III 15 Watt amp) it's a pretty good setup for me, but I really think it's time to upgrade my guitar. I play alot of stuff like Children of Bodom, Avenged Sevenfold, Norther, Three Days Grace, basically anything Metal. My budget is 400 MAX, because this is my second guitar; I've been doing alot of searching online and taken a few trips to my local guitar center to test some stuff out. I absolutely love the epiphone les pauls, but from playing them enough they just don't seem to be well suited for the type of music I play. I was also kinda interested in ESP's guitars, but they don't seem to carry them at Guitar Centers? And they're also a bit pricey + I'd like to try a guitar before I buy it. But I'm open to all suggestions, and ideas. Thanks!
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for metal a jackson or ibanez could be your thing, they aint too badly priced either
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i was looking into bc rich, but a friend of mine already has a bunch of those. and i'd rather not copy him. (he won't even sell them to me lol, he's obsessed)
Ibanez or Jackson are the way to go and way better than BC Rich anyway.
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yeah i've also been looking into new amps lately. what do you think of the peavey vypyr 15 watt?

and which specific jackson or ibanez models would you reccomend? thanks!
Amp wise if you wanna go the vypyr route (although I find the roland cube series far superior) you should go with the Vypyr 30 so you're able to play over a drummer or even at small gigs with it.

Its $200 new. I say get that keep your behringer guitar for a while and then save up to get an Ibanez S series. (I personally do not like jackson, and the cheap RGs are pieces of crap)
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yeah that actually sounds like a good idea, i think i'll go for the vypyr 30 watt.

but i'm still going to want another guitar down the road; other than the ibanez s series or and b.c. rich models what do you all reccomend?
Schecter may be worth checking out for the stuff you're looking to play

EDIT: I can't believe I forgot washburn. They're really well priced. Everyone that owns one that I've met loves them. I love my washburn. You should check out the HM series and the X series.
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i have a gibson sg, it's sweet. another thing you could do is build/assemble your own, that's my latest project, and i like the idea of picking everything that goes into it, really makes it yours.