hello good people
i was hoping for a site that had the chords that should be learned first after the common 9th 6th, dim, flat 5th and 7ths in my beginner book, rather than buying the intermediate book

and i know there are tons of chord sites,

but i was hoping for a chart that would print off without seperate pages for each chord

I agree, far better to learn to form them yourself. You don't need to memorise patterns for more complicated chords if you understand the more basic chords first. Go back and learn all of the notes in the chord (or if you're too lazy just learn the scale degree) and then as long as you know how to construct the more complex chords, you'll be able to find a fingering quickly on the fretboard. Learning the more complicated chords were what really helped my knowledge of the fretboard, I alas had been quite lazy and got away with it up to that point, but learning this way is better and a lot less effort than just memorising all the shapes.