So this is a new song I've just written yesterday, its an ode to Stevie Wonder much in the way that Stevie's song Sir Duke is an ode to Duke Ellington. The music is kind of an old school motown ballad.

The gift of music is within
My baby is safe and sound with me
It appears music has control
Over the wavelengths of your soul

Connecting you and i through sound
Lighting up the void in this town
Its no wonder that hills of rolling thunder
Catch you by surprise if you just close your eyes
And smile smile smile

Time flies and days go by
We're not getting younger so lets give it a try
I cant find a reason
For you to cry

So lets all move in a similar fashion
To the beat of the music you just cant lose it if youve got it
And one can wonder if he and i are brothers
I dont care what they say they just cant take it away
It belongs to all of human kind

He can help you travel back in time through your mind
Reflecting life through rays of sunlight
Recall a tune and you will soon be there
Tomorrows no forever but if feels that way

Let the music consume your body
Love it everyday and every night
Living under the preaching of a wonder
Id know not what to do with no sound to move to
So spread the news
*Official Deadhead*

The times they are a-changin'