Think this is in the right place... anyways i have about 1000 USD spending limit to buy a new amp. Can someone recommend one? At first i was going to get a Raven, is that a bad choice? I can't find much info on them.

-1000 USD price limit
-My babies: Schecter c-1 classic, PRS se singlecut, les paul w/ active emgs
-My band plays mostly metal (FFDP, machinehead, korn, godsmack, head, maiden, etc.)so would like a good metal amp, lots of lows ya know?
lol 1000usd and your consdering a raven. fail.

5150/6505 combo used.
used mesa
save for engl.
Thread should be in GG&A but whatever.

Anyways with 1000$ you could get something that can trounce any raven amp.

I say used Peavey XXX combo.
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used peavey combo on ebay will run you bout $500, u can probably get a used 5150 half stack on ebay/ craigslist for $1000 or ven less
Mesa Maverick Dual Rectifier combo. 2 completely different channels for clean and dirty, each with their own completely seperate set of controls, you can get just about any sound you want with it.
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