Hey everyone, this is just a quick question, so here goes:

I've been looking out the tabs for Purple Haze, and I noticed a part that looks like this:


Sorry it looks kinda bad.

Anyway, the problem is how do I play it? The issue is the A string; it's not an open note. If I'm reading it right, there's no note at all!

I play with a pick, so I'm not sure if finger-strumming would solve this problem. I mean, I have to strum all 4 notes at the same time so...

Anyway, sorry for the stupid question, but I've started to see similar tab configurations popping up like this and I don't know how to pay them.

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Just use whatever finger you are using to fret the "E" string and mute the "A".

I just tried it and it works.
usually u would finger pick this cause this is a common chord in jazz
its a G major 7th chord

just a random fact =)

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when i play chords like this i wrap my Thumb around for the note on the E string
and just muted the a string