I just ran into a bit of money (insurance from when I was robbed), and am experiencing some difficulty in deciding if my logic makes sense.

the guitar I lust after, gibson sg-z, is rarely available to buy, and since I could buy it right now, and I have money, I'm having a hard time considering not buying it.

The only thing is, literally yesterday, I JUST got my new acoustic, and I think it'd be selfish to buy ANOTHER guitar.
I am against buying a lot of new gear at a time, so you can get to know each intimately, but I'm having difficulty not buying this guitar.
Just buy it man
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if you have the money, go for it,
never put things off till later you can never predict the future.
buy it i say!
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do it its good for the economy
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save it dumb dumb look at the economy now. or buy it and stimulate the economy...damn i foiled myself...
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yeah buy it man. i doubt youd find one later on.
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Buy it or to so that you buy and end up happier buy and give it to me hehehe
I think you should buy two.
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Get it. Unless you have something more important to spend your money on, then do the responsible thing, but if you needn't buy anything else important, then the guitar is fine to buy.
compromise: save part of it, and set a portion aside for the funding of buying the new guitar.

that way, you get time to the recently acquired one, and you don't immediately spend a huge amount of money.
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Are you asking if midgets can draw people that are themselves smaller than the average person, or if midget drawings in general are smaller?
Wait...let me get this straight...

You came onto a GUITAR forum to rant about not knowing if you should follow through an buy a guitar you have been lusting for? Do you expect us to say, "Nah man, just wait a while so you don't feel bad" when you knowingly have the money? Just think out your logic. Someone robbed you, now you can reap the reward of some guy being an asshole towards you. By this logic and on this thought train, you ****ing deserve both guitars.
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