I just got a Fender Soronam acoustic guitar a few months ago and need to raise the action on it but am unsure of how to go about doing so.

One of the strings, the first string, appears to have come with an action that was too low. Although how that could have come like that boggles my mind, I put a .009 gauge on there, then a .008, then a .010 all nickel wound from either Fender or Ernie Ball and in all cases the action has been so low that when I play any fret on the first string between the 8th and 12th frets it plays a kind of ****ed up 14th fret note, because the string is so low the string is touching the 14th fret when I hold down the 8th fret. At least I'm fairly sure this is the case, at any rate its screwing up any song with notes there basically.

But how do I adjust the action on an acoustic guitar? And how could a guitar come with an action too low or did I do something to it? Don't guitars usually come with a high action? Haha. Any help is greatly appreciated.