yea, so i bought a crate gtd120 last may, and i have been having a lot of trouble with trying to get a good sound. to me a "good sound" is having heavy distortion but without the annoying fuzzy sound when i turn on the high. For example i am trying to get a sound similar to first date by blink 182 or my friends over you by new found glory. cause when ever i play the intro to the songs i have the high at 12 o clock-ish and I cant even tell what im playing but if i turn it down then theres too much low. can somebody help me? just so u no i have a fender hss stratocaster and i am using the distortion on the amp but i also have a ds-1 distortion somewhere. o and btw dont say "o yea crates are horrible and you HAVE to buy a mesa boogie dual rectifier to sound like blink 182 bla bla bla" because this is the best amp i can possibly get so basically, dont be a hater. Peace
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