I know this is a very, very large topic, but I just want the basics basically. My schools got macs loaded with Garage Band, but apparently when we plug in directly with our guitars it doesnt give tone, etc....
So... MIDI (what is this)? mics capturing amp tones to a recording program? what exactly do you do? please help me.
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I think google would help you out a lot, there are good articles on the basics out there.
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You generally plug a mic into a recording interface, which is connected to your computer, the recording interface is essentially a sound card especially designed for recording, some are internal, most nowadays are external and connect via USB or Firewire. You just plug your mic into that and mic up your amp. You can also plug your guitar straight into the interface and run it through an amp simulator program like Amplitube or Revalver.

MIDI has nothing to do with microphones, it stands for Musical Instrument Data Interface, and is generally used to allow synths and computers to transfer data back and forth, but it can also be used for other hardware like mixing boards and effects pedals.
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