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It's my senior year, and I don't know what sport I want to do for my last sport season.

I'll give pros and cons of each

Pros- Played on the team past 4 years
My favorite sport

Cons- The coach sucks
I won't get much playing time if I try out for goalie
The team is full of assholes.

Pros- Team isn't full of assholes
A fun sport.

Cons- New coach, don't know anything about him
Not sure I'd make top 6 (top 6 players are the ones that play the most)

Track and Field
Pros- I have a lot of friends on the team.
The team has no assholes.
I did indoor track in the winter and it was sweet

Cons- I don't think I could letter

Basically, if you were me, which sport would you pick. And try to keep the biased opinions towards each sport aside.
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Ah crap i picked soccer I meant to pick Track!! it sounds more fum with friends in it
Track and Field will be more beneficial to you health-wise.

Tennis would be the most fun though. Soccer is fun sometimes.

Hard to say.
Tennis because tennis owns.
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If they do Golf in the spring at your school, I'd do that. I play golf for school and it's incredibly fun. You get to meet a lot of cool people during matches.
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Soccer gets u in shape.

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I hate sports. Track sounds the best for you though.
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I don't have many more options for spring sports. The other ones are Lacrosse (which tryouts already ended) and baseball (which there's no way i'd make it) so it's between these three.
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Tennis, I suck at it but it is pretty damn fun.

EDIT: I just realized you wanted us to pick for you.

I would still say tennis.
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hockey FTW
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Tennis, used to play it a few years ago.

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I like soccer the best, but no sport is much fun when you're playing with people you can't stand. So i'd go for track.
track cuz you get to run with you friends n stuff

What'd you say?!
sports are terrible when you don't like the people. Tennis or track would be good.....or rugby
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Yea, most of the kids on the soccer team think they're the shiza. The coach is just plain ignorant and only likes the players that suck him off
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i voted tennis cuz its like my favorite sport and im decently good at it.....
but for u i still would choose tennis...cuz u could get a lot out of working rly hard and making the top 6 players

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soccer = fails
football = win

Actually both fail. Mostly football.
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Well, tryouts for all 3 are tomorrow, and I still don't know which one i'm gonna do
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Why do only the top 6 players play for tennis? At my school we had 9; 3 single's players and 3 double's teams. Your school only has two of each i'm assuming? Still I would play Tennis, it's a great sport to get into because you can keep on playing it as you get older.. Kinda like golf
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Ok. Turns out there weren't any tryouts for today. There was only an informational meeting for track and tennis (which I didn't attend) and only the 9th and 10th graders are trying out for soccer today.

So now it's between doing soccer and track tomorrow. Can't do tennis
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rugby if you want to be a man
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Guys, I told you, the only sports offered for spring are: Track, Tennis, Soccer, Baseball, and Lacrosse. Lacrosse already had their tryouts, and there's no way i'd make baseball. I missed the tennis meeting due to the track meeting so now it's just between Soccer and Track.
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May I ask what Track and Field is?

If not that, go for tennis.
Fotball is pointless and no fun with a bad team and coach.
Belive me this.
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