okay heres what i mean in detail does any one know any good websites where i could find songs that are just rhythm just a guitar playing chords that i could do some soloing over if drums and bass are included thats fine im not looking for songs that are on albums just anyone or play the chords in a proggression so i could practice soloing.thanks in advice.................. oh and sorry if this is on the wrong forum place thing.
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I like jamstudio.com the best because you can make your own and then add drums,bass and keyboard.
im sorry about having to post this stuff over and over but,as im not very educated musical wise what should i search for when i go to these websites im currently learning what i think is called a "A minor penatonic scale" there five different paterns that go with it and also learning my blues scale the tab for that one went like "58...567...57... 57...58 58 thats low to high e i think thats how it went so what exactly do i search.