I can get either a nomad 212 combo or a rectoverb combo for 800 dollars. Both are in mint condition. Which is a better amp purely in the sense of tone? I can't find good videos for the nomad so I have no way of hearing what its trully good for. I play all kinds of music ranging up to heavier stuff. I've been leaning towards the rectoverb because from what I've heard it sounds great, but can anyone convince me the nomad is a better deal?
I think you should try talking the Nomad down. If you can, it's a better deal, but at $800 bucks, it's not.
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I prefer the tone of the Rectoverb, personally. I played a 4x10 Nomad once, it was pretty good but not really my style. That seems a bit steep for a Nomad, the 4x10 I tried out was only like $650.
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Nomads are loads better. They're basically DCs, which slay Rectos, even Recto and Tremoverbs. I'd try to bring it down to like 700 or 750, but otherwise the price is good.