Its raining..

I never knew I could be so painful like this
thinking that I'll be alone
without you by my side

I never felt like this before
I felt like I have lost you
while actually I was not

The tears ran down my cheek
thinking that I wont be able
to see your face again(anymore), everyday

I was feeling down by the time I met you
for the very last time
in a very sad moment

Bridge :
And it felt like a burden for your leaving..

Chorus :
You said that we'll meet again at one o'clock
but sadly I was 40 minutes too late
So when I reached there
Your face I did not see
and it saddened me more

Ive searched your face everywhere
Hoping to meet you once again
I moved my eyes in every places
But still I could not see you
and I lost my hope
but still wondering where have you gone

So then I sat in the bus
still thinking about you
and almost cried

Suddenly my phone rang
And it was you calling me
I asked you where you have gone

But then I did not care about that
'Cause I was feeling so down
But I felt glad
To hear voice once again
saying I love you..
Last edited by michie_ojie at May 1, 2009,
Nice twist at the end, but the whole song seems just a wee bit sloppy, the grammar just sorta throws me off, n I can't really picture any kind of rhythm here in my head, though that may just be because I'm reading it n not actually listening to it.

I like it, it just seems like it needs more time n work is all