So I think I've narrowed my amp search down to the Vox AC30. I like most of the videos I've seen on it that show examples of its tone...but is it really worthy of my $1200? Is there something that I might have missed in my amp search thats cheaper or around the same price thats a lot better? Im going to be gigging with whatever amp I get and im going to be holding onto it for a few years at least so i gotta make sure im doin the right thing. Im not really looking into playing metal or anything, more rock-ish and country-ish stuff. I can go above the price of the Vox by a few hundred maybe if its really worth it. please educate me and rear me in the right direction if you have better suggestions, im open to anything except really hard to find vintage amps because im just that lazy and I need an amp soon lol. which is what turned me off from the fender twin reverb, I've heard bad things about the reissue but if thats only from the point of view of absolute tone freaks then someone please say some good things about and i might change my mind.
look up ceriatone, see if any of those might tickle your fancy
If you have a little bit more money, look at Dr. Z amps. They have a few modeled after the AC30 that blow it out of the water and are DEFINITELY worth your $1600 or so.

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dr z was my first serious consideration, though the extra $400 might be a little hard to come by for me. I want the galaxie so bad tho!! I guess I can think about it again...