it there any way to keep the whammy tight and standing up even after ive had it for a while. i try to tighten it all the way, but it stills falls down. i want to know if its possible to keep it from falling down. i take the bar off frequently if that changes any thing thanks!
sorry but even with that no one was answering lol so i guess that its not enough
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There isn't a really good way to keep the bar in the correct place on an original floyd rose. The Ibanez Edge's do a much better job.

You could cover the part that goes into the guitar with clear nail polish. It should do the trick. If that doesn't work, I probably couldn't help you out.
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if its an OFR or schaller you can buy this . it SHOULD fit most LFRs but its not garunteed to. with this it will tighten up properly and stay in one place.
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