Hey there. I use to post here years ago all of my riffs and recordings and it has been so long since I put anything new up here...

I wanted to put this out here and see what you guys think of this riff I wrote.

I am very happy with the outcome of the song and I plan on it being the first track of my album to set the mood

Let me know what you think

Download > www.foundyesterdaymusic.com/First%20Track.mp3

Heres some breakdown of the equipment

Bass Guitar -> SansAmp Bass Driver DI -> Daking DI > MOTU 1/4 inch analog input
Electric Guitars > Daking DI > Logic Preset Jazz Bright Clean Electric Guitar
Tambos > MXL V69 > Daking Mic One Pre
Snare > Shure SM57 > Daking Mic One Pre > UAD Neve 33609
Dulicimer > MXL V69 > Daking Mic One Pre

The rest is all MIDI...
Alot of the bass was recorded then looped multiple times to make sure it was in time throughout the whole song.