Ok so I have always wanted a Musicman stingray but I just started playing bass and I am never going to fork out $1000 for a bass so yeah. I just bought an acoustic/electric bass and I fell in love with bass...I should have just boughten an electric. Anyways so I could A. buy a bass (from rondo music) or B. Build one (err, buy prebuilt body and what not and just do my own finish essentially)

Positives of buying a bass

Rondomusic, has some dam good stuff. The electronics probably wont be TOO bad, and the finish will be better than anything I could ever do. Oh, and it is cheap.


My dad would get really pissed if another bass/guitar was shipped to my house

Positives of building

Makes me feel good, fun, get exactly what I want and if I ship a non-built guitar to my house my dad wont really know what it is and wont question it (since I can tell him it was really cheap or somethin lol)


May not be as good (electronically and aesthetically) compared to one from rondomusic and it will be more expensive.

Anyways, I really want to build a stingray type bass. I was thinking of just getting a P-bass type body and neck and just creating the oval shaped pickguard but still use the pbass type pickup (since I have no means of routing the wood). Pretty simple, probably wouldnt look too horrible. But where should I get the body. I found a few on ebay but they are still a little pricey. Then I would need the neck, electronics, pickguard material and what not. I heard the saga kits are pretty crappy. Whats so bad? It seems like it would be the best deal (ebay has them for $125 for everything). The body and neck cant be that bad? The pickups might be a little crappy but its not too big of a deal (im just starting out). All I would really need is the pickguard material after that.

Does anyone know how the body of the saga kit is?

if it is like the 2nd one (the control cavity is fully routed to connect to the pickup cavity) then I wont be able to have the seperate pickguard/control cover like on the stingrays.

Anyways here is what I did to my guitar (so you all know what I could do)


Do you guys think it would be worth the extra money to build a (possibly not as good) bass or should I just buy one from rondo?

I really dont want to spend more than $200 (which is why I dont want to buy a body from warmoth and what not)
building a guitar is probably not the way to go if you don't have alot of money, I say go buy an Ibanez. they play fast, have great sound and are extremely cheap, perfect for a beginner. Building takes along time, and if there are about a thousand ways to mess up. Building is best served for when you understand the physics of the instrument well enough, and you have enough money to fork over for better pickups and hardware
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A) I am reffering to Bass's when I use the word guitar, and I am talking about Ibanez bases, and B) it would be cool to get the final pics of that guitar
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yeah, its just that building things is so fun!

Final pics of my guitar? Its on page 3 i believe. And I mean, I can always upgrade the pickups if wanted to.
I decided to build a bass, thought it would take me 3 weeks. It's been 3-4 months so far, I'm almost done. When I was shopping for parts I found a store, I think it was NationalMusicSupply, had build-a-bass kits, everything you needed except painting/finishing materials, I kind of wish I'd gone that route for my first bass, and I'd recommend you to get one of those (I think it was somewhere in the $70-100 range). If you don't like the body, you can always modify it/build a new one, but having a neck already done will do you wonders.

tl;dr - Building a bass is fun, but time consuming and difficult
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Yeah I never planned on building my own neck, too consuming, not enough workspace etc. It took me about 2 weeks to do the finish on my guitar (sanding, staining, messing up, starting over, putting the fabric overlay, messing up, starting over, and then doing the final one) Wasnt too bad though. It did cost me a lot more money than I expected. For the bass I think I may just do a single color...or maybe another over lay

Ill check that site out thanks!

Edit: I just checked the site out, and I dont think that is the right site. There are no kits there. They have a "parts" section but there are no bodies or anything
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If you want to save money, order it from rondo. If your set on building, I encourage you, its a great thing to do and its a lot of fun to make your own instrument. If you decide to build, and if you have access to the necessary equipment, I'd say order a body blank and cut and rout your own body. For necks and other stuff, try stewmac.com, guitarpartsusa.com, or allparts.com. All three are great alternatives to warmoth.
If you're going to use P-bass stuff and just add a round pickguard onto it, you might wanna order a cheap old squier P-bass off of ebay, and cut a round pick-guard for it. Save, and later you can stick an EMG or somethin in it.
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I would encourage building a bass. Mainly because it's fun. But I really don't think that it is any more economical, than buying a bass.

I haven't built a bass myself, but I have done a fair amount of tinkering to the bass I do own,and it's simplely a blast. Not to mention the added bonus of knowledge gained.
If you want to build a bass, you might as well get a Rondo bass and rip everything off of it...the body and neck alone would be more expensive than the entire bass if you bought them anywhere else.

Guitarfetish.com has fairly decent hardware and pickups, though the stockers on SX basses really aren't bad.
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You're right that any finish you would do as a first timer would be much worse than that on a rondo, but the electronics are super easy and you would have much better electronics for cheap building your own bass.

I'm with everyone else on this: building your own bass isn't a way to save money (unless you buy something like a carvin kit), but it's a hell of a lot of fun.
As much as I want to build a bass I am really thinking about just buying an olp. They are pretty decent right? Its hard to decide. Build a ghetto stingray or buy a sweet stingray clone for about the same price

I really do want to build something. I think depending on which olp I can find, I might end up redoing the finish (painting another color) but I dont know :/
hmm, well I just won a black OLP bass on ebay for $192 with free shipping :/ There is another one thats closer to what I want (Orange body with black pickguard) but it is $100 or so more and why bother getting a new bass if I am just going to repaint it?

So yeah, I am not completely sure about the color scheme (orange w/ black pickguard) anyone want to give me some colors schemes to consider.
orange with black pickguard sounds sick. Maybe blue with a white or pearloid pickguard? Or if your handy enough with paints and brushes, why not try an make your own design, do your own custom paint job?
I like the blue but it seems almost as common as the black ones. I checked out some orange with white pickguard and they also look awesome.
Just to add that if you have access to to the tools, and someone to show you how to use them, make it form scratch. This summer a piece of 2" mahogony, somemaple and rosewood strips, emg pickups and a kahler tremolo, and im making my own single cut, carl thompson style, bass. I see no reason, absolutly no, reason why i wont work if i take my time.
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