Poll: Favourite apple?
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32 43%
35 47%
Mixed colours lol! or Pears because they're awesome too.
7 9%
Voters: 74.
What's you're favourite apple?

Mine is Red because it's sweeter

Green apple candy is dope.
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I love sour stuff, and they taste fresher to me.
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i like green. they have a little sourness to them.

The sourness hurts my teeth
i usually eat red, but now i could really go for some green. mmmm
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Oranges rule.
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Pink Ladies. Mmmmmm.
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What about yellow apples?


Everyone point and laugh at the freak.
Green or yellow are the best.

i love Granny Smith apples. they are probably my favorite.

oh, and pears of course. pears are my favorite fruit.
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What about yellow apples?

**** yellow apples
Man the green apples are currently pwning the Red apples
Yellow/Red apples.
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Red. Specifically Pink Lady apples. They're crunchy and sweet. Not floury like normal red apples, and not sour like green apples.
How is it that the best option on the poll, "Mixed colours lol! or Pears because they're awesome too."

has so few votes? The best apples are the hybrids, red/green, yellow/red/green, yellow and pears are great too.

Sometimes I just don't understand people.