Pretty self-explanatory, I just want to know if their is a way to find out if a riff i created is original or not. I know it's pretty rare to create anything truly original nowadays. But still, I don't want to get up on stage and play something that people would know has been done before.
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well if you feel like youve heard it before or heard something similar than change it a i little bit.....pretty much all musical ideas have bean used once or twice before...its how you use that makes it original
This is a G chord....i used to be in a cranberries tribute band.
most good riffs have been recycled in a way. also in most cases when you think your tune resembles a riff youve heard chances are your the only one who will notice it. unless its a blatent ripoff.
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Stop worrying about a single riff. Its all about how you combine them, which creates a good song albeit with less original riffs or a bad song with a decent riff in it.