I am planning to put together a 4 speaker cabinet comprising of a woofer, mid-range, tweeter, and a full range. The amp i have only supports 8 ohms so i was going to get all 4 speakers at 8 ohms and wire them series/parallel. My problem is that it looks like tweeters are wired different than the other types of speaker. i guess they're supposed to match the total impedance of the other speakers. so i have to try and figure out how to get three 8 ohm speakers to equal 8 total, which is impossible. But i thtink if i replace 1 of the speakers with a 4 ohm then i can wire a 3 speaker series/parallel. two 8 ohms parallel to make 4 total, then add the 4 ohm in series to the original total 4 to make a new total of 8.
So in conclusion, will my crazy babblings actually work? and am i even correct that tweeters are wired like that?
I think you can just wire tweeters like normal speakers. I had a cab that was 2 subs and 2 tweeters and I wired it in Series paralell (everything was 4-ohm, though) and I got 8-ohm, so you could just do that.