So, I scoured SD's website and even shot them an e-mail looking for a particular wiring diagram... to no avail. So, I call upon UG to help me. I apologize for even asking this, but I'm horrible at visualizing wiring schemes in my head.

My guitar's an SG. I want:

Three way switch (bridge/both/neck, like normal)
Two volume (bridge/neck, like normal)
Master tone (Where the bridge tone is right now)
"Spin-a-split" (variable coil split, full HB on 10/SC on 0, where the neck tone is right now)

My pickups are an SD JB/Jazz set, 4 conductor and all, so there's no trouble there. Anyone who can help me would be my hero.
If you knew how to put the diagrams together, SD would help you. Look at how the master-tone diagrams have their tone pot connected. Then look at how a spin-a-split is wired. Put the two together.
Jim is right. Thats what I did when I wired up my LP.
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Walker Rose.
I'll give it a shot, but, like I said, I seem to lack the capacity for visualizing stuff like this.