hey i have been playing bass for a few months and i need a new amp...nothing to over the top just for practices and small shows..any ideas?
My advice which im going to make short and sweet is get what ever amp you like for the style you play but dont get a cheap amp get a good tube driven amp! if nto tube solidstate works great to!
ampeg BA115

it's great.. my bassist has it..

EDIT: and to the person above me, it's a bass amp, not guitar. Therefore the whole tube thing isn't in effect. Solid State bass amps are totally fine because they give nice clean bassy signals.. you don't want overdrive on a bass amp.
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thanks for the advice i play mostly ska or funk or reggae or metal..so idk what kinda amp that goes with
Hey now. I play a tube bass amp. The give much warmer tones as well as nice overdrive. But I will say that SS is more popular in bass because it fits more ppls styles. hmmm. I know peavey will do the metal well and depending on which one might do the others ok but that's only if metal will be the primary style needed from the amp.
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Check out a Peavey TNT 115. I own one and its a seriously nice amp.

Here's the TNT 115. http://bass-guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Peavey-TNT-115-1x15-200W-Bass-Combo-Amp?sku=48138

Only bad thing about it is its seriously heavy. The specs say like 85 lb. or something, but i swear it ways like 30 more pounds then that
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Well, if you're buying new, avoid Behringer, Ampeg, and Marshall. Behringer stuff is low quality and mis-advertised, Ampeg stuff is way overpriced and has quality control issues, and Marshall stuff is way overpriced and sounds bad.

Do you have any sort of budget?
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