'Sup everyone. I'm a Floridian who, in simple terms, is looking for a distinct sound. I'm not the kind of person who is satisfied by creating music in a specific genre. I want to venture out and be a bit experimental with music. I'm posting this mainly wondering how many people in the area are interested in joining me and creating a band that sounds good - yet experimental.

I'm open to pretty much anything. Anyone with a broad mind who isn't limited to playing a specific genre. I'm sort of imagining a Frank Zappa meets Mr. Bungle kind of thing, but honestly, I can work with just about any idea.

My influences are groups like Zappa, Mr. Bungle, or anyone who is a tad unclassifiable. I play guitar, bass, dabble with Violin, but I program electronic music as well, which I would love to incorporate into this band. Anything goes!

I should mention I would like to limit this around people my age (16, 17, 18?) But you know, if you think you can do it, just contact me. Age doesn't matter in music.

Thanks for reading!