Well here's a paper I wrote for English about the affects of the American Dream if anyone cares to read and critique (paragraphs to avoid wall of textness)

Families of five, a white picket fence, and BBQs with your carbon copy neighbors all come to mind when someone mentions the American Dream. The American Dream is a dated set of ideas that apply to older generations and should at least be questioned by the current contemporaries. This idea that in order to be happy and successful, you have to follow a certain guideline poses many problems in current society. But contrary to the problems, there are some positives that come along with it, as with almost anything.

In America’s earlier years, the American Dream gave the United States a certain uniqueness that set it apart from any other country in the world. No other time in history had a country possessed such a trait that appealed to so many like the one where you could come to America to achieve prosperity for yourself and give your children an opportunity to be successful. Concurrently, this brought immigrants from a variety of different places to, as many called it, “the melting pot”. The American Dream then convinced families that they had to buy a house and a car and have children in order to live out this ideal life. The materialism, consumerism and as John Lennon put it, “this ism’s and that ism’s” that evolved from this idea helped fuel the Capitalist economy. America than developed into a thriving country, and at this time the American Dream was viewed as a positive thing for the most part, until the counter-culture movement of the 1960’s. Among many other ideas that opposed society’s views, the hippie culture brought about a questioning of what was scene as normal and opposed the conservative values of the previous generation. These beliefs reflected views that you could pursue a different course in life and find your own American Dream or Anti-American Dream?

Moving on, The American Dream had not been detrimental to the country in any extreme way other than how mundane it makes us look at times, (rows and rows of the same house over and over again in a gated community) until too many tried to chase the Dream and disaster struck. When our Capitalist society first wanted everyone to buy a house, it was a great system. A family took out a loan to buy a house, they began to pay off their mortgage, which was sold to investors who would continuously make money off the payments made by the home owners, and if the family foreclosed, it was easy, the investor would put the house up for sale in the rising house market and still make a profit. Then when the investor looked to buy more mortgages and the only ones to buy were from families that were chasing the Dream with bad credit, the investor still bought from them and when they foreclosed, the house would go up for sale. But then the housing market crashed and profit halted. Other families who were paying back a mortgage that was worth more than the house itself, also foreclosed and the trickle down effect took hold and the economy crashed, creating debt and unemployment. Back to the Dream, if the families with bad credit had not wanted to buy a house and chase the Dream, in all probability the current credit crisis could have been avoided.

On another note, the American Dream also encourages having children, which of course is essential for our species’ survival, but can also create a problem. In a world where hunger, pollution and disease run ramped, the last thing we need is a population on the rise. Obviously if less people reproduced, there would be fewer mouths to feed and fewer people to drive gas guzzlers to work later on in their lives. Ultimately overpopulation is a problem that can be somewhat mended if people look past the American Dream.

In addition to the previous effects on life the American Dream has, there is a certain pressure on people, physically and psychologically, presented by this idea. Many parents have to commute and work long hours in order to support their way of life, especially if they enroll their children in a private school and live in a high class gated community and buy expensive red foreign sports cars. The children also have their share of pressure to excel academically, be active in extracurricular activities, and maybe even musical lessons, leaving little time to just be a kid. These pressures result in parents not spending much time with their children and growing apart from them, as well as each other. This can lead to the parents seeking an escape, maybe the father drinks quite a bit or the mother, as Mick Jaggar put it, finds “something today to calm her down although she's not really ill”.

In conclusion, if America is going to continue to live out its Dream, it needs to be augmented in many ways. Life is simply not like it was fifty years ago and people and technology are constantly changing. The way Americans view life has changed as of late, but many still see the perfect life as living the American Dream. This train of thought is always going to be consistent, but as I said there should be at least a hint at changing how things work. Changing is not going to be for everyone and in order for our country to function there is going to have to be plenty of minivan driving, BBQ hosting, family raising, consumers who pretend to like soccer every Saturday. People need to begin waking up from the American dream before we see the full effects of the American Nightmare.
current contemporaries= reduntantly redundant

the isms like consumerism were created by capitalism not the other way around

then =/= than

and you never actually gave your definition of the American Dream

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read the great gatsby. bitch got owned.
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I hope for your soul that this was not a formal paper, that said it's pretty good. Just watch those long sentences, you tend to repeat and ramble a bit,. Also, this line feels really awkward, try to rephrase it to make it more clear.

"No other time in history had a country possessed such a trait that appealed to so many like the one where you could come to America to achieve prosperity for yourself and give your children an opportunity to be successful
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You will ultimately fail this. You asked the pit for advice. TL;DR version plz
Shoulda wrote about Hunter S. Thompson and his search for the American dream in Las Vegas, i.e. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.
It can't be right, that was NOTHING like GTA IV!
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read Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and you'll understand the american dream.

Oh, and you used scene rather than seen in the second paragraph
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read the great gatsby. bitch got owned.

just finished that today, and i totally agree.
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