I have recently bought a Lexicon Omega Audio Interface off of ebay but i believe the drivers are giving me issues. I have downloaded the newest version of the drivers off their website and installed it. To fix my problems all i have seen is to reset the interface and and to reinstall the drivers which i have done numerous times. The drivers were crashing FL studio not recording any audio (I might have been doing something wrong over here but i did get audio clips recorded). When i checked the drivers under the control panel and the device manager it came up with it just saying like audio drivers or something but their support said it should not say this and just to reinstall, which i have and the problem has persisted. Also No sound would be produced out of my computer though for anything even the default sounds, etc. When i tried to switch the asio driver back to the primary from my computer speakers it froze every time and led me to reinstall/reset my setting for FL Studio so sound could at least be played out of my speakers. I'm sorry if i haven't conveyed my message effectively because i don't have the time this minute and I am rushing to write this with little regard to the fluidity of it but i will be able to clear anything up tomorrow and I'm also new to this so any help would be appreciated on how to solve my lexicon driver issues.