Please have a look! Making new songs everyday for you guys to crit. Let it be known that this is just a demo, looking for suggestions on what I could add. Thanks !
Cool jam. I think the intro might be a little bit too long, it might be a good idea to shorten it up a tad. The kick drum was pretty loud, that could probably be backed off a little a bit in the mix. Adding in some other instruments like bass and keys would probably spice this track up a bit also. I really liked the guitar solos, it sounds like you've got some pretty good licks! Overall, good job, keep up the good work.

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Ty man! Still a work in progress, so...Not perfect at all. Thanks for your ideas! Checkin' yours out now.
Ty man~! best crit i've gotten on this so far. im workin on the drums currently, ty man
The intro with the guitar and the hi-hat could be shortened. Also adding a reverb or little delay to hi-hat would sound cool. The transition was a bit abrupt. You lead playing sounds pretty awesome. Nice vibrato and I kinda liked your phrasing too. The drums sound somewhat out of place with sextuplet kick drum. Also I noticed you were looping the same sample over and over again, so it started to sound a bit tedious. All in all, good stuff. Just work on the drum programming.

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Great stuff man. I'm totally loving the clean intro as it reminds me of Opeth but I feel that the hi-hats are way overdone at the beginning. By the way the solo at after the clean part totally slays man. The riff after the solo is a pretty cool one but I feel I'd like it more if it were a little different but that's just me. I also love how the song goes out with the clean part.

Overall you've got yourself a quality song. With one or two touches it would be perfect to me.

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I really like the guitar and your tone. The playing is pretty clean and the intro is the kind of thing I could listen to on repeat. The only thing I didn't really care for was the drums...just because they were pretty repetitive. Adding some fills and switching up the beat would make them better in my opinion. Sorry if someone else already asked but what kind of amp are you playing through? I really do like your tone. I think with work on the drums, vocals, and a sick bass line this would be an awesome song.

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I love the b-minor sound. The intro is really cool, very nice indeed. The druns (cymbals) should sound more metallic though.

I love how it goes from slow into fast, great riff with a very sweet solo that almost blew my mind! This song sounds pretty cool. Maybe you could add in some (more) wah effects. The one thing you should fix is the transition from quick riff to slow riff.

Very nice, epic tune, I listened to some of your other stuff and liked it a lot (especially the best song you ever made).

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Thanks for the thoughtful critique. I really appreciate it, love getting good critiques. I'm listening to your song right now Anyone else care to listen?
It sounds great, really cool progression there. The intro was really neat, I liked it alot, but the delay was kinda missing some notes, I would mabey try a reverb with it and see if that clears that up. The heavy part was really good, very nice and clean progression. The part near 2 minutes where the palm mute was, I think it was off tempo a bit with your double palm mute, I would try left hand muting and strike it 4 times instead of two to keep the tempo speed. But other than that I love it. Good job man.

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Well the thing is, the thing I recorded this song with (Line 6 ux2) had this delay on it, like when i played something on the guitar it showed up on the computer slightly delayed, so it made recording it pretty difficult, that's why some parts are off tempo. Thank you though! Checkin' yours out now.