hey guys

I want to get a pedal so i can switch from playing acoustic sounds to distorted and fuzzed out sounds for when i play live. Im looking for a sound similar to neutral milk hotel or the microphones (they're really fast changes from acoustic to distorted)...in terms of tone that's what im looking for, its just i have no experience with pedals or anything and im wondering exactly how in the world i would go about finding the right one...it seems a bit daunting...

i play mostly open chords so id want something more geared towards that

anyway...if anyone has any recommendations it would be cool

ive got a takamine EG540c

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Do you mean you're running your acoustic through pedals?

We need to know what you're running your acoustic into... that is, if you're using an amp with it or if you're DI'ing the guitar into a PA system. For Neutral Milk Hotel sounds you definitely want a fuzz pedal, but I'm not exactly sure what pedals Jeff used. I'm told to record he ran his acoustic into an overloaded 4-track and live he uses a Russian Big Muff fuzz pedal.


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