it's not so much pain, but annoying irritation. i'm hoping to get a jump on it and fix it before it develops into something like nasty carpal tunnel syndrome.
anyway, i used to play with my thumb up over the fingerboard, leading to a gross mangled hand position, which i didn't realize until i watched some video of myself playing. before long i had broken the bad habit and kept my thumb in the proper spot and my fingers pretty much parallel to the frets. a few months later (now) i start to get that irritated feeling after playing for a long time, and especially from chords.

does anyone have tips on how to help? past experiences? maybe my hand placement is still a little off?
I find my hand gets waaay more tired while staying in one position, try moving up and down the fingerboard more, that way you aren't putting all the pressure on your thumb.
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I try to use only as much pressure as I need, but sometimes I do use more than I need. I'm working on that a bit already, but I'll keep it in mind more often now. Thanks
After months of pains in my wrists, I was recently to see a doctor. He quickly diagnosed me with CTS.
I am a light player and have been practicing playing lightly for two years now. However, chords are risky if you do them for too long, as is the one finger per fret system, if you apply it where you don't need it and too far down the neck (towards the nut).
One thing to keep in mind is that if it hurts, STOP.
When rehearsing with your band it's easy just to push the pains aside and fight on, trying to nail that piece... -_-''
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I actually like the Thumb Over the finger board technique, Larry Graham Style, I something even use it to fret down a bass note while I slap some higher notes.

Alot of guitarists use the thumb over the fretboard technique.

I also play the thumb behind the neck thing when playing a little faster, Thumb over the neck is much better for chords.
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