im an average guitar player nothing special and im trying to find songs to learn but i cant seem to figure out what to learn its not i cant decide its that i cant find anything really i guess im looking in the wrong places or something i dont really know but if you could help it would a great help
deffinetly a cool song to play is Dee from Randy Rhodes its an awesome song to play once u get it down.. and anything that tickles your fancy as they say..
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just learned dust in the wind, its a great song and the fingerpicking is fairly easy

try out wish you were here pink floyd, redemption song marley, and joker smb.
all great songs and easy to pick up.
Yup Dee is a great one.
Blackbird by The Beatles is a MUST for all acoustic players. Why not also try Here Comes the Sun by the guys. Also Tears in Heaven by Clapton.
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+1 for Tears in Heaven and Redemption Song.

BTW, what are your favorite bands/genre? That'd be a good place to start.

Here's some acoustic songs I like: Rivers of Babylon by Sublime, She Talks to Angels by Black Crowes, Let her cry by Hootie.
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