let me know what you think i've been changin this song around but im starting to get an idea for what it will be.


EDIT: i reuploaded with new bass louder
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Interesting track. I really like the chord progression. I think the bass might be able to come up in the mix a bit. I think the drums could use some work also (the beat seems to fall off occasionally.) I think the song could use a little more variety, adding some more instruments might help, like keys, synths, strings, horns, or vocals would be cool. Overall good work, especially on the guitar solo, you had some nice licks in there!

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I like the tone and the chords you're playing. Although, I think the guitar is desperately craving for some reverb (it sounds too dry now imo) and maybe some chorus or flanger. I think the lead guitar could've come in earlier (unless, of course, you're planning to add something to beginning). However, I didn't really like the way it was introduced. The fade in just didn't sound good because the drum fill made me expect the solo to "begin" on 1. Instead, that was just part where the fade in began, so it kinda took some power away from the bend with which you started. Also, I don't like how you've panned it to right channel completely. You could maybe use some more subtle stereo spread and only spread some of the frequencies. The rhythm guitar sounded tight and groovy. The songwriting was interesting and personal too, I think. All in all, I liked this. Good stuff man.

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